ON-ONtario4 Hash Summer Olympics taking place Labour Day 2020!


 REGO by EOD Wed Aug 26th to guarantee your On-Ontario4 hab….Registration will be closed this Sunday Aug 30th.


Calling all Half-Minds from near and far! Please join us for the Labour Day long weekend of (not so fierce but perhaps boozy) competition! There is something for everyone!

The theme this year is Hash Summer Olympics 🔵🟡⚫🟢🔴 so get ready for some excitement!!!!

****Limited to 20 hashers, lots of room for social distancing. Please be sure you are healthy and have not been in contact with anyone sick with Covid-19 in the last 30 days. There has not been any cases up in Balm Beach in the last several weeks. 

When: September 4 through 7th join Harriers and Harriettes from across the Province and across the Country!!!

Where: ON-ONtario4 is taking place this year at BALM BEACH, Tiny, Ontario, Canada! 🏖🏜🏝

The campsite is at a beach town with access to an amazing beach. It’s located 20 kms north of Wasaga Beach.

Address:  329 Balm Beach Road West, Tiny-Ontario, Canada. 

Parking is available on the premises and we are 300 m from a glorious beach!

Children friendly campout!!!

Cost: CAN $100

What is included in your rego? 🎁

Keg of beer, vino tinto, Friday night snack, Sat/Sun/Mon breaky, afternoon snacks (sammies, chips to keep you going), Sat/Sun dinners!!!

Hab: ON-ONtario4 swag that you will love!

What are you waiting for? Rego and Pay now at the link below! 

Rego  (copy and paste on your browser):  🛒 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11UcA5boCfqPe-G2ehEiZS7syyzGPkyodkpTWPLaQx1I/edit?usp=sharing

Payment: 💲send an etransfer to loopy.hogtownh3@yahoo.com

Note: This is the CANADIAN edition. Messiah is simultaneously holding the On-ONtario USA edition in Ontario, New York.

Stuff to Bring: ✔🤷‍♂️🧦👗🥻👘🩲🩱👙🩳⚽⚾🥎🏀

Vessel (for beer and wine), Bathing suits, Shirts, Shiggy Socks, Cool Weather gear, Tent, Camping Chair, Outdoor games, sponsor a drink bevie/shot for Friday nite AND your spare liver 😀

Since we were waiting to get closer to the date to disorganize this annual hash (due to C-19), we would like to request all hands on deck to make this event fun, safe and amazing! So please be ready to volunteer as required 🙂

Any questions? Please email loopy.hogtownh3@yahoo.com


Friday Sept 4:

  • 3pm: Kegs are tapped!
  • 5:30 pm: circle up!
  • 6pm: in camp cocktails-crawl-hash  and after a stroll to the beach *each tent to sponsor a bevie/shot
    9pm: some snacks will be provided at camp by the bonfire

Saturday Sept 5:

  • 9-11 am: breakfast and caesars by the main deck
  • 12 pm: circle up for main hash event (bring your bathing suit)
  • 4pm: snacks and tons of beers/wine will be provided by the beach
  • 6pm: bonfire
  • 8pm: dinner by the main deck

Sunday Sept 6:

  • 9-11 am: breakfast and caesars by the main deck
  • 12 pm: beach hash crawl (bring your bathing suit)
    snacks and tons of beers/wine will be provided by the beach
  • 5-7 pm: hash-olympics
  • 7pm: bonfire and circle
  • 8pm: dinner by the main deck

Monday Sept 7:

  • 9-11 am: breakfast and caesars by the main deck
  • 12 pm: fatboy hash
  • 2 pm: gtfo or stay another day 😀


Hope to see you wankers <3 !!



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